Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 

The BBA- program has a duration of three years. 

The program consists of a propaedeutic year, which is the introductory year for all students, followed by a two-year specialization. In the second year of the BBA program, you have to choose from eleven specializations that correspond to the three main disciplines: Hospitality and Tourism, Management, and Finance. The internship takes place in the third year and is concluded with a graduation assignment, based on practice-oriented research. 

Associate degree 

After completing the first one and a half-year (18 months) of the BBA- program, you can choose to obtain an Associate Degree in the chosen major.  An Associate’s degree gives you the basic academic knowledge and transferable skills that you need to go on to employment or further study in your chosen field. The associate program is concluded with a final report.